Department of Manufacturing Pharmacy

  The goal of the Department of Manufacturing Pharmacy is to provide a broad based education background emphasizing the theoretical and practical disciplines essential for the dosage form design, evaluation and manufacture, and development of raw material for pharmaceutical applications. The Department also offers the graduate programs leading to masterís and doctoral degrees. The courses offered cover the fundamental and advanced technology employed in development of drug delivery systems, production processes and machines for manufacture. Moreover, the principles of quality assurance and administration are provided. Each graduate is expected to competently perform his or her task in the pharmaceutical industry.

There is a wide range of machines and equipment for the students to explore. The hand operated eccentric tablet presses are most welcomed by new comers whereas the instrumented tablet presses are preferred by serious investigators. The fluidized bed top spray, bottom spray and tangential spray or rotary coaters are available at hand. A pilot-scale spray dryer is another piece of tools which is frequently used for the development or modification of raw materials. The industrial pharmacy laboratory is said to be one of the most modern industrial and pharmaceutical technology research and manufacturing facilities in the country. Since it is well equipped with both small-scale and pilot-scale equipment for the production of pharmaceutical dosage forms, the Department is capable to offer consultation work to the industry.

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Staff of Department
  Head of Department

Satit Puttipipatkhachorn (Assoc. Prof.) 

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  Kotchaphan Chooluck (Lecturer.)

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  Montree Jaturanpinyo (Assist. Prof.)

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  Nattawut Charoenthai (Lecturer.)

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  Nuttanan Sinchaipanid (Professor)

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  Pojawon Lawanprasert (Assoc. Prof.)

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  Waree Limwikrant (Assist. Prof.)

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