Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

  The Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry is responsible for teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The required courses for undergraduate students provided by the department are organic and inorganic pharmaceutical and quality control and pharmaceutical analysis. Elective courses in pharmaceutical quality assurance as well as drug design and synthesis are also provided.

For exploration in research experience, the department has challenging senior special projects for undergraduate pharmacy students. Postgraduate programs include Master of Science in Pharmacy Program, Master of Science Program in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Phytochemistry, and Doctor of Philosophy Program in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Phytochemistry. The research activities of the department currently focus on drug design and subsequent synthesis, natural products chemistry and instrumental analysis of medicinal agents. The department has good facilities for above-mentioned research to enable student to be thoroughly familiar with modern drug research. Beside periodic special chemistry conferences organized by the department, promotion in quality assurance of pharmaceutical products is also one of the department activities.

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Staff of Department
  Head of Department

Leena Suntornsuk (Professor) 

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  Brompoj Prutthiwanasan (Lecturer.)

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  Chutima Phechkrajang (Assoc. Prof.)

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  Jiraporn Ungwitayatorn (Assoc. Prof.)

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  Kittisak Sripha (Assoc. Prof.)

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  Kuntarat Arunrungvichian (Lecturer.)

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  Nantana Nuchtavorn (Assist. Prof.)

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  Opa Vajragupta (Professor)

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  Piyanuch Rojsanga (Assist. Prof.)

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  Pornpatsorn Lertphadungkit (Lecturer Assist.)

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  Salinthip Jarusintanakorn (Lecturer Assist.)

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  Satsawat Visansirikul (Lecturer Assist.)

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  Sawanya Buranaphalin (Assist. Prof.)

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