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Major areas of research conducted at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University are as follows:

1. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
2. Biopharmaceutical Sciences
3. Industrial Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology
4. Pharmacy Practice
5. Phytochemical and Phytopharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Research interests in pharmaceutical chemistry include design and synthesis of medicinal agents, drug analysis, drug stability and drug metabolism.

Drug design, synthesis of compounds as potential pharmaceuticals (e.g. HIV-1 protease inhibitors and transcriptase inhibitors, anti-oxidants and anti-cancers) and their structure activity relationship are investigated. Molecular modeling and computer aided drug design: bimolecular targets and lead identification of these drugs are the on-going researches. Followings are examples of on-going researches in drug design and synthesis.

- Effects of Manganese Complexes of Curcumin and Diacetylcurcumin on kainic acid-induced neurotoxic responses in the rat hippocampus
- Novel inhibitor for fibroblast growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase
- Synthesis and HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitory Activity of Non-Nucleoside Phthalimide Derivatives
- 3D-QSAR Investigation of Synthetic Antioxidant Chromone Derivatives by Molecular Field Analysis
- 3D-QSAR Studies on Phthalimide Derivatives as HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor

Modern analytical techniques are being used for the analyses of active pharmaceutical ingredients, drug monitoring, racemic drugs, drug residues in food, veterinary drugs, pesticides and natural products. These techniques include high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas chromatography (GC), capillary electrophoresis (CE) and hyphenated techniques (e.g. HPLC-MS, GC-MS and CE-MS). Method development is evaluated by both univariate and multivariate approaches. Enantiomeric drug separation is currently focused on development of stationary phase for HPLC and modification of chiral selectors in CE background electrolyte.

- Liquid chromatographic method for the determination of diphenhydramine HCl and dextromethophan HBr in cough and cold formulations
- Pulsed amperometric analysis of beta-agonists using boron-doped diamond thin film electrode: application to flow injection for pharmaceutical analysis
- Determination of enrofloxiacin in veterinary drugs by HPLC
- Factorail design applied to a non-aqueous capillary electrophoresis method for the separation of beta-agonists
- A micellar electrokinetic capillary chromatography method for monitoring mycophenolic acid in serum of transplant recipients
- Simultaneous determination of paracetamol and chlorpheniramine maleate by micellar electrokinetic chromatography
- Determination of paracetamol and orphenadrine citrate in pharmaceutical tablets by modeling of spectrophotometric data using partial least-squares and artificial neural networks

Biopharmaceutical Sciences

Researches in biopharmaceutical science are integrated/multidisciplinary researches, which involve knowledge in biochemistry, microbiology, pharmacology and physiology. On-going researches are classified according to fundamental of the researches. 

- Molecular biology of HIV and emerging viruses such as avian influenza virus and SAR-associated coronavirus.
- Kinetic analysis and inhibitor susceptibility of HIV protease
- Anticancer and antiviral proteins from medicinal plants.
- DNA fingerprints of medicinal plants and domestic animals
- Applications of monoclonal antibody for diagnosis
- Crustacean immunology in the context of host-viral interaction
- Production of bio-active proteins by genetic recombinant techniques
- Bacterial pathogenesis with emphasis on understanding biosynthesis, gene regulation, and signaling pathway
- Development of microorganisms as biopesticide
- Application of monoclonal antibody and medicinal plants for chemoprevention
- Immunoassays and PCR-based detection of microorganisms and their products for food safety
- Study of Thai medicinal herb against dermatomycotic and opportunistic fungi
- Vaccine development from recombinant DNA technology
- Molecular modeling and bioinformatics for pharmaceutical research and development
- DNA fingerprint of medicinal plants and microorganisms
- Metagenomic analysis for novel enzymes and pharmaceuticals
- in vitro assay of HIV inhibitors
- Development of probiotics for human and animal health
- Study of pharmacological properties of drugs in the aspects of pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, bioavailability and bioequivalence
- Clinical, toxicological, and safety evaluation of drugs
- Immunological tests and development of vaccines
- Research on cancer and anti-cancer pain
- Study of potential biological and chemical warfare agents
- Study of herbal drugs and traditional medicine in the context of pharmacology
- Thai plants and natural products research on: blood pressure, inflammation, oxidation, sleep, locomotor activity, lipidemia, gastric secretion, gastric ulcer, food intake and toxicity
- Study of vascular function in pathologic-induced animal models such as hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, and diabetic mellitus
- Study of gastric secretion in hypercholesterolemic and obese animals
Industrial Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology

Researches in industrial pharmacy and pharmaceutical technology aim to improve the drug formulation, absorption, stability with better delivery system. During the past few years, the researches emphasize on various aspects of drug development as shown below.

- Atomic force microscopy imaging of novel self-assembling pectin-liposome nanocomplexes
- Physical and chemical stability of miconazole liposomes prepared by supercritical aerosol solvent extraction
- Physicochemical properties and stability of freeze-dried amphotericin B liposomes prepared by reverse-phase evaporation method
- Physicochemical properties of tetracaine liposomes prepared by chloroform film method
- Alginate-magnesium aluminum silicate composite films: Effect of film thickness on physical characteristics and permeability
- Polymorphic change of a triglyceride base in hot melt coating process and stability acceleration by tempering process
- Magnetic nanoparticle formulations for DNA and siRNA delivery
- Drug solubility in phospholipid carrier as a predictive parameter for drug recovery in microparticles produced by the aerosol solvent extraction system (ASES) process
- Effect of poly(lactide-co-glycolide) molecular weight on the release of dexamethasone sodium phosphate from microparticles
- Development of ascorbyl palmitate nanocrystals applying the nanosuspension technology
- Development of a multi-unit floating drug delivery system by hot melt coating technique with drug-lipid dispersion
- Mechanistic studies of branched-chain alkanols as skin permeation enhancers
- Enhancement of the skin permeation of clindamycin phosphate by Aerosol OT/1-butanol microemulsions
- In vitro investigation of the protective effects of tannic acid against the activities of Naja kaouthia venom
- Enhanced antitumor activity of combinations of free and HPMA copolymer-bound drugs
- Release profile comparison and stability of diltiazem-resin microcapsules in sustained release suspensions
Pharmacy Practice

Researches in pharmacy practice are categorized as pharmacy administration and clinical pharmacy. 
Pharmacy administration researches aim to study the health system management, pharmaceutical economics, social and behavioral sciences. Additionally, epidemiology, anthropology, hospital database management and policy are also major concerns. Followings are the on-going project in pharmacy administration.

- A cost function analysis of Shigellosis in Thailand
- Diabetes Cost Model of a Hospital in Thailand
- Cost structure of hospital-based pharmaceutical services: a consideration of reimbursement
- Analysis of drug procurement process and outcomes of private hospitals
- Diabetic retinopathy modeling: A cost-effectiveness of varying screening intervals in type-2 diabetes mellitus in Thailand
- Systematic review of the efficacy of antiretroviral therapies for reducing the risk of mother-to-child transmission of HIV infection
- Professionalism and Moral Reasoning of Thai Pharmacists in three Practice settings
- Factors associated with healthcare expenditures and hospitalizations in Thai patients with diabetes at four public hospitals
- Pharmacy Practice in Thailand
- The cost-effectiveness of donepezil and rivastigmine in the treatment of Alzheime's disease in Thailand private hospital

Clinical pharmacy researches emphasize on patient care with collaboration with Faculty of Medicine of several universities.

- Impact of a new guideline for central venous catheter care on sepsis in total parenteral nutrition: Experience in Ramathibodi Hospital
- Effect of four commercial amino acid solutions on solubility of calcium and phosphate in pediatric parenteral nutrition solutions
- Bioequivalence study of 30 mg pioglitazone tablets in Thai healthy volunteers
- Intermolecular Electron Distributions of Artemisinin Peroxide Bridge Upon Conformational Changes Promotes Antimalarial Activity
- Evaluation of the safety and relative bioavailability of a new dihydroartemisinin tablet formulation in healthy Thai volunteers
- In-patient adverse drug reaction monitoring at the Department of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital
- Pharmacokinetics of ofloxacin in drug-resistant tuberculosis
- Intrapulmonary pharmacokinetics of ofloxacin in drug-resistant tuberculosis
Phytochemical and Phytopharmaceutical Science

Researches in phytochemical and phytopharmaceutical science focus on both basic and applied researches. 

Basic researches
- The specification of Thai medicinal plants including botanical description, pharmacognostic characteristics, chemical identification, loss on drying, ashes, and extractive values
- Ethnomedical and medical anthropological studies of plants used by Thai herbalists in different parts of Thailand
- Isolation and identification of natural products
- Drug discovery from plant and natural source (e.g. bacteria or marine organism)
- Plant identification
- Quality control of natural product

Applied researches
- Development of drugs, neutraceuticals and cosmetics from Thai medicinal plants.
- Quality improvement of plant raw materials (e.g. Curcuma longa L., Mallotus repandus (Willd.) M?ll.Arg., Kaempferia parviflora Wall. ex Baker, and Pueraria candollei Graham ex Benth. var. mirifica (Airy Shaw et Suvat.) Niyomdham) for phytomedicine production
- Medicinal plant conservation including seed storage and micropropagation to support both ex situ and in vitro conservation projects
- Biological activity testing and clinical studies of phytochemical substances
- Development of natural products
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