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The Drug Information Center was established in 1983 under the supervision and support of Dr. Pradit Hutangura,the first Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University. Co-founders of the center included Professor Chawee Bunnak, Assis. Prof. Linchee Wangveera,Assoc. Prof. Chalemsri Pumangguara, and Assoc. Prof. Thida Ningsanon. At first the Drug information Center was setup as and Ad hoc project to be completed in five years like other government projects. Then when Assoc. Professor Pranee Jaiarj became Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Assoc. Prof. Chalermsri became Associate Dean for Development and Planning, she proposed that it be moved to scientific services under the revised 6th Development Plan for Secondary Education. This changed the status of the Drug Information Center from a short term project into an ongoing project that has lasted until today.

The Drug Information Center is a soruce of information used to services people both outside and within the Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University. The center also serves as an internship center on Information Technology for pharmacy student as well as a dissemination venue for scientific information in the form of books, magazine, and newsletters. Finally, The Drug Information Center also will provide information regarding medicine to the general public both at the center through the internet via the D.I.C website.

The Drug Information Center offers the following services:
1.Data search for information on specific medicine
2.Answering any queries regarding medicine
3.Distribution of D.I.C.bulletin and D.I.C newsletters to members
4.Distribution of the series of the book entitled ‘New Drugs in Thailand’.


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