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Medicinal Plants Information Center


Background Information
The Medicinal Plant Information Center (MPIC), Mahidol University started its operation in 1979 with Dr. Nuntavan Bunyapraphatsara as its head. The idea of setting up such a center was initiated by Prof. Pradit Hutangkura, the frist and former Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy. Mahidol University , under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Nat Pamornpravat and Prof. Dr. Prawase Vasi, the Rector and Deputy Rector of the University respectively, gave full financial support to the center . It was later accorded a status equivalent to an academic department within the Faculty of Pharmacy , Mahidol University .

Beginning in 1995, Mahidol University and the National Scientific and Technological Development Agency (NSTDA) made an agreement to set up the Service Center for Medicinal Plant Information (SCMPI), National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University. The main tasks of the Center are to assimilate information on medicinal plants from various sources and to render services to government and private agencies, researchers, students and the general public in medicinal plant data search and analysis. Moreover, the Center also disseminate information on medicinal plants in other formats such as short termed training, production of various teaching media, including books on medicinal plants and Thai traditional medicine, newsletter, journals,video and slides, CD-ROMs, etc.

PHARM database (MedPlant Online)
The PHARM Database is a database on Thai medicinal plants produced by the ‘Center’ in cooperation with the Medicinal Plant Information Center (MPIC) Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University. This database includes over 1,157 species of plants reputed to have curative properties as well as those recorded in Thai Herbals as medicinal agents. Information on these plants as well as related species is assimilated from journals published in Thailand and aboard, thesis, special projects and research reports presented at various symposia and meetings.

Data Search
User can request the information on medicinal plants by their pharmacological activities and ethnopharmacology . The chemical constituent are stored in microfilms.́

Format of the data
The report will consist of the common name (s), Local name (s) scientific name and ethnopharmacological properties. The chemical constituents and pharmacological activities of the requested plant with reference to the abstracts and original papers stored in the form of microfilms.

Website or

Following items can be selected from the web page :
- MedPlant database
- Poisonous plants and mushrooms
- Herbs in primary health care
- Interesting herb articles etc.
  In addition to the data search from the medplant databases, the center also
  renders services in the form of :
- pictures of medicinal plants in the forms of slides and CD-ROM
- text books and jornals on medicinal plants

Access to Information
User can obtain information on medicinal plants by
- contacting the Center in person, which is the best way of obtaining
  the information you want since you can selects the information yourself .
- contacting the Center by telephone at
  (66) 02-248-2143, (66) 02-3544327 or (66) 02-644-8677-91 ext. 5311-5316
  or by fax at (66) 02-248-2143
- letters at the following address :

The Service Center for Medicinal Plant Information,
Medicinal Plant Information Center,
Faculty of Pharmacy , Mahidol University,
447 Sri Ayuthaya Rd., Bangkok 10400.THAILAND


MedPlant Online

Poisonous plants and mushrooms

Herbs in primary health care

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