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Faculty Pilot Plant for Drug Production

          The University Pharmaceutical Pilot Plant was founded officially in 1987 with its own production space, machines, equipments and personals.
          It received authority for drug production from Thai FDA, Ministry of public health in 1989. However, finished product of the firstly registered tablet formulation was produced in 1994.
          Since1994 up to now, the university pilot plant has continuously received 2-year GMP certificates from Thai FDA in the production of tablet and capsule dosage forms.


1. Research development to improve a quality of pharmaceutical products.
2. Research and development of a pharmaceutical dosage form using high technology.
3. Manufacturing, marketing and selling the finished products.
4. Serving a model pharmaceutical plant for pharmacy students in learning and solving problems in industrial pharmacy.
5. The income gained each year could be used to support further research and development for the plant and could be self-reliance for the faculty in future.

Present activities

1. Produce some modern drugs and cosmetics to be used as a prototype for the production of drugs according to GMP requirements. ie:

Prototype for
-Paracetamol tablet 500 mg (MU Paracet)
-Paracetamol caplet 500 mg (Pamax)
-Sodium chloride tablet 600 mg (Heatrol)
-Tramadol hydrochloride capsule 50 mg (MU Tramadol)
-Vitamin E cream plus aloe (AloE)

2. Teach students both undergraduate and graduate level in the manufacturing of drug according to GMP requirement
3. Manufacture of modern drugs and cosmetics under the license of Mahidol University and under contract.
4. Give services in research and development of pharmaceutical products, health food and cosmetics.
5. Cooperate with the Faculty medicinal plant center to perform a research and development of Thai medicinal plant to be used as modern drugs.

More Information please contact

The Pharmaceutical Pilot Plant Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University
Research Building
447 Sri-Ayuthaya Road, Bangkok 10400
Tel. 0-2644-8677-90 Ext. 1201 Fax. 0-2644-4536

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