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The Faculty of Pharmacy realizes the endless potential of Information Technology in the advancement of education, research and management. Therefore, we have dedicated our resources in the establishment of state-of-the-art IT infrastructure with the aims to facilitate studentís learning, support research activities and allow data collection for management purpose in our entire facility. High-speed access to internet is available in every teaching room on every floor. In the faculty library, more than 20 desktop computers with full access to the internet are available for service. In addition, the Computer Center (CC) on the 7th floor of the Ratcharatís building equipped with 80 desktop computers is available for use to both undergraduate and graduate students. Inside the CC, a conference room equipped with 50 desktop computers is also available for a conference or seminar related to IT. Access points for wireless local area network (LAN) are widely available throughout our facilities to allow mobile access to the intra- and the internet.


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