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MUPY staff attended the Graduation-Thesis Presentation at Kyoto Pharmaceutical University, Japan

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Since June 26, 2018  
During June 26-28, 2018, Dr. Sitaporn Youngkong, Deputy Dean for Student Affairs, together with, Assist. Prof. Veena Nukoolkarn, Chair of Pharmacognosy Department, and Assistant Lecturer Pornpatsorn Lertphadungkit, have been officially invited to visit Kyoto Pharmaceutical University, Japan for attending the poster presentation as a result of the Graduation-Thesis Presentation by the 6th year Pharm. D. students at Kyoto Pharmaceutical University. In this occasion, they had a great chance to meet and discuss with Prof. Naomasa Gotoh, the President of Kyoto Pharmaceutical University, and other administrative staff at Kyoto Pharmaceutical University about research and academic collaboration between two institutions.

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